Manzo alla Stroganoff   - Diced slow cooked beef with mushrooms, peppers, paprika, cream and brandy                                                   sauce, served with rice
Pollo Principessa  - Chicken fillet cooked with asparagus, white wine & creamy cheese sauce

Pollo Ripieno   - Fillet of chicken filled with brie, wrapped with Parma ham, served in creamy white wine                                    sauce

Pollo Mare e Monti   - Chicken strips with king prawns, mushrooms, tomato, garlic, chilli & a touch of cream
Pollo Toscana 
 - Fillet of chicken cooked with spicy salami, onions, peppers in an arrabbiata sauce
Pollo alla Griglia  - Grilled butterflied fillet of chicken, served with french fries & peppercorn sauce
 - Slow cooked belly pork served with gravy on a bed of mash potato 


Carre di Agnello   - Rack  of lamb served with garlic, rosemary, red wine jus

Filetto al Dolcelatté  - 8Oz fillet steak topped with red wine and Dolcelatté                                            cheese sauce
Filetto Rossini  - 8Oz fillet steak topped with pate and Madeira wine sauce

Filetto al Pepe Verde - 8oz fillet steak with green peppercorn sauce

Filetto Romantica  - Medallions of fillets served with rocket salad topped                                              with Parmesan and balsamic dressing


Spiedini di Pesce   - Chef's choice of mixed fish, grilled with light garlic,                                                 white wine & herbs
Filetto di Spigola    - Fillets of sea bass with fresh tomatoes, basil, served                                              with salad garnish
Salmone all'aneto   - Salmon fillet cooked with prawns, dill, white wine &                                               creamy sauce
Sogliola -14Oz grilled on the bone dover sole, lighlty marinated with garlic,                       parsley & white wine
Capesante e Gamberoni  Gratinati 
 - Pan seared scallops and king prawns with  thermidor sauce, gratinated with Parmesan,served with homemade bread