In this guide you will find information on the allergens which can be found in the food and drinks we serve.  Customers with specific dietary needs must inform staff, before ordering, to minimise the risk of cross-contamination. Ingredients and specifications can change; so, even if you have dined with us before, it is important to always check about the ingredients in yout meal. For more information please ask a member of the staff to provide detailed information of allergen in our dishes.

The risk of allergen cross-contamination may occur when we use our deep fryers. Also the proximity of food items during cooking on our grill may also lead to cross-contamination.


We have procedures for separate preparation of our meals , durig service, may involve shared preparation and cooking areas. If you have a specific food or drink allergen requirement, please inform us; we will take reasonable steps to prepare your meal safely, although we cannot guarantee a completely allergen-free environment or products.


You will be able to find allergen information on the packaging of the products that we provide.